Plants and flowers move. When you work, as I do, on form, color and detail of a particular subject, you are certain to be surprised. Buds open too soon. Flowers turn toward the sun, intensify in color, drop their petals. Leaves grow, curl or shrivel. Some subjects dry up before I can capture them on paper or canvas. The light is not always right.
To control the forces of nature, I sometimes rely on photography.
This blog is my photo gallery of BOTANICAL SUBJECTS.
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A second little Mystery...

Here is a second mystery image. It comes with a story, which I will let the finder of this "thing" tell herself, once I get a few guesses as to what this might be.

© Eva-Maria Ruhl

Here is the story:

This particular subject sneaked out of a grocery sack in the trunk of my car where it remained for several months.
One day it rolled out from under a seat, with a face like the surface of the moon.  (A face only an artist could love!)  

and it deserves another look...
here it is, in all it'e mummified beauty, perched and a lichen covered branch